Sunday, February 27, 2005

Na verdade

El 86,5% de la madera tropical amazónica importada por España procede del estado brasileño de Pará. El asesinato reciente de la religiosa ecologista Dorothy Stang se produjo tras constantes amenazas para que abandonara su actividad de defensa de los derechos humanos y la integridad del bosque tropical en la región. Casi toda la madera es de origen ilegal. I've been reading about Sister Dorothy Stang, a Catholic nun from Ohio who was shot three times in the face. Wikipedia: Dorothy Stang (June 7, 1931-January 12, 2005) was an American nun of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur congregation and naturalized Brazilian who was shot to death in Anapu, city of the state of Pará, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil at the age of 73. O trabalho de missionários na Amazônia deixa muita gente desconfiada. Na verdade, como tudo na vida, tem aqueles que trabalham para o bem, como os que trabalham para o mal. No caso da missionária Dorothy Stang, que tem 35 dos seus 74 anos dedicados ao Brasil, é um trabalho que rompeu a barreira na Vila de Sucupira, município de Anapu, região da Transamazônica, 500 km a sudoeste de Belém, para encontrar os céus. Desde 1972, unida às mulheres e agricultores da comunidade Sucupira, a religiosa Stang desenvolve projetos sustentáveis para geração de emprego e renda com a construção de uma indústria de beneficiamento de frutas, duas mini-hidrelétrica de 500KW e projeto de reflorestamento em áreas degradadas. E E E E E Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 26, 2005

waste time

People create viruses. A person has to write the code. A biological virus is not a living thing. A virus is a fragment of DNA inside a protective jacket. Even a silly message is real damage because a person then has to waste time getting rid of it. Links to them and more HERE and HERE . People have been calling the celebrities, and recording the calls. a lot of personal things , including cameraphone photos of her, celebrity phone numbers. E E E
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Friday, February 11, 2005

semillas, genética, control, futuro

Iraqi farmers. biodiversity. country's food security. seed saving will be illegal. the market will only offer proprietary "PVP-protected" planting material "invented" by transnational agribusiness corporations. new legislation in Iraq prevent farmers from saving their seeds and effectively hands over the seed market to transnational corporations. political sovereignty remains an illusion. food sovereignty has been made near impossible.while claiming not to have reversed their position against commercialization of Terminator seeds, some Gene Giants are continuing to seek new patents on genetic seed sterilization.the FAO 2003-2004 Report on the State of Food and Agriculture amounts to a declaration of war on the farmers it is pledged to support.the promotion of Terminator seeds as a "green" solution to GM pollution is the Trojan Horse of biotechnology. if Terminator technology wins market acceptance under the guise of biosafety, it will be used as a monopoly tool to prevent farmers from saving and re-using seed.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Beyond the headlines

7h annual top 10 most underreported humanitarian crises
From Medicins-Sans-Frontieres:
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- Intense Grief and Fear in Northern Uganda
- No End in Sight to Devastating Conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo
- Civilians Caught in Colombia's Crossfire
- Tuberculosis Spiraling Out of Control
- Somalia Shattered By Anarchy and Chaos
- The Trauma of Ongoing War in Chechnya
- User-Fee System Excludes Burundi's Poorest From Basic Health Care
- North Koreans Endure Massive Deprivation and Repression
- Constant Threat of Hunger and Disease in Ethiopia
- The War is Over, But Liberians Still Live in crisis

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

security surveillance

a continuous stream of pictures. semi-public places. E